Frequently asked questions and answers

Can I book a table at your outdoor dining area?

Unfortunately, we do not accept reservations for our outdoor dining. However, you are welcome to stop by at the drop-in. The waiting time can vary, but we always do our best to arrange a table for everyone who comes by.

Can I book a specific table in the restaurant?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific table, but of course always do our best to meet your wishes. For specific requests, please contact the restaurant in question by email: for Olivia Central Station or for Olivia Kluuvi.

Can your menu be adapted to allergies and special diets?

We always do our best to adapt our menu to all allergens and special diets. We offer both gluten-free and lactose-free pizzas and pastas, and many of our dishes can be made vegetarian and vegan. However, we would like to emphasize that everything on the menu is prepared in our kitchen, which entails the risk that traces of allergens may occur.

Can I pay in cash in your restaurants?

Yes, both our restaurants accept cash.

Can I bring my dog to your restaurants?

Dogs are welcome in our outdoor dining area. Due to allergies, they are unfortunately not allowed into the restaurant (with the exception of guide dogs).

Can I bring a stroller to your restaurants?

Yes, you are of course you welcome to bring your stroller when you visit us. However, if you have the possibility to inform us in advance, we will have a better chance of giving you a table with more space. We also have highchairs, children's menus and changing tables in our restaurants.

How far in advance do I have to book a table?

Lunch reservations can usually be booked up to an hour in advance. After 2 pm, reservations can be booked up to two hours in advance. We always have a few tables designated for drop-in. You are most welcome to stop by spontaneously, but we would like to draw your attention to the fact that capacity and waiting time may vary.

How long do you hold the table if I am late for my reservation?

We will hold your table for 15 minutes. If you know that you will be later than that, please contact us by phone. Please note that the original seating time still applies when you arrive late, unless otherwise specified by the head waiter/waitress upon arrival.

How long is the queue for drop-in tables right now?

Unfortunately, we cannot estimate the length of the waiting time. We recommend that you come on site to check the situation.

I want to book a table for a larger party. How do I go about?

For large bookings, please contact us at for Olivia Central Station, or for Olivia Kluuvi. We offer group menus that can be pre-ordered before the visit. We cannot guarantee a specific table, but of course do our best to accommodate any specific requests. Please note that for large parties, we wish to see that the payment is made jointly.

If you wish to book Sala Privata - our chambre séparée at Olivia Kluuvi - you are welcome to send us a booking request. The venue costs nothing extra, but to book it you need to be over a certain number of guests and pre-order from our group menus. Read more about Sala Privata here. If you have questions about the venue, please contact us at